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Mosquito bite in eyelid occurs mostly while you pass a night out of the house for a barbecue party, hiking, camping, or traveling. 

Mosquito appears mostly in the summer and rainy seasons. This is because they can produce more larvae in the rainy season due to water accumulation everywhere. 

Some mosquitos are dangerous and spread deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, filaria, etc. 

Mosquito bites uncovered part of the body. Therefore, we keep our clothing when we are outside, and mosquitoes can only bite the face area because we do not cover these areas. 

Mosquito bite in eyelid causes pain, swelling, itchiness. 


What are Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are insects of the Arthropoda phylum. They are about 0.15 to 0.4 inches long. 

Male mosquitos have a feathery antenna for sensing female mosquitos for reproduction. They do not drink blood; they eat plant material. Male mosquitos’ life span is about a week-long. 

Female mosquitos have a less bushy antenna. Their life span is about a few months. They drink blood. Female mosquitos are larger than males. 

Mosquitos are not only annoying, but also some of their species are a vector of multiple diseases. 

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Mosquito species and Disease

Mosquito Species

Disease/Virus Transmit by Them


dengue virus, yellow fever virus, chikungunya virus, and Zika virus


West Nile fever, St. Louis encephalitis, and Japanese encephalitis.

They also spread some viral diseases in birds and horses.



Habitats and Habits of Mosquitos

Mosquitos live in the grasses and bushes areas. They breed in standing water such as a pond, rainwater, still water lakes, and pool. 

Mosquitoes like to live near the human living hood. 

Most male and female mosquitos eat plant nectar and water. Male mosquitoes ‘ lifespan is short, and they do not bite people. 

The female mosquito needs blood to reproduce (more specifically, blood proteins). Mosquito bites cause itchiness and transmit diseases. Mosquitos transmit viruses from other animals to humans and also from humans to other animals. 

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How Mosquito Bite in Eyelid?

Female mosquitoes have a needle-like long tubular part on their mouth. With that mouthpart, they can pierce your eyelid skin and suck blood. 

While they suck blood, they inject their saliva into the skin and blood to easier the sucking process. Unfortunately, most people are allergic to mosquito saliva, and that causes itching.

Eyelids are sensitive organs of the body. Our body’s immune system reacts rapidly to that saliva, and we feel an itchy sensation along with a red bump on the eyelid. Eventually, that red bump turned into full eyelid swelling sometimes. 

Mosquitos do not bite every person. Instead, they choose the person to bite according to their carbon dioxide level on respiration and some other factors. 

While camping or staying outside, you are more likely to get bitten by a mosquito in the face area because clothes cover other body parts. 

Mosquitos are also attracted by the carbon dioxide exhaled by you and fly over your head continuously while you are outside. Eyelids are not far from over the head, and the area over your head is not visible to you unless you look upward. 

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What Does a Mosquito Bite on Eyelid Look Like?

Immediately after the mosquito bites your eyelid, you may notice a round puffy bump forming. There can be a small black dot on the center of it. Soon the small bump becomes red and hard. 

Mosquito bite on eyelid causes swollen eyelid
Mosquito bite on eyelid causes swollen eyelid

The eyelid is made up of loose tissues. As a result, it’s common for the whole eyelid to get swollen and inflamed. 

Fluid accumulation causes more swelling of the eyelid. In addition, it may inhibit the eye from opening while lying down. 

If the person is hypersensitive or has an impaired immune system, the eyelid skin reaction can be more severe. You may notice the whole eyelid become red and massively swollen. Usually, children show more reactions than adults. 

The redness and swelling usually last only a few days. Rubbing the eyelids can make it more extended and severe. 


What Does a Mosquito Bite on Eyelid Feel Like?

You may feel a stinging sensation while the mosquito is piercing your eyelid. After that, you might feel severe itchiness as eyelids are very sensitive. 

Usually, the inflammation goes away within a few days. However, if the person is hypersensitive or has an impaired immune system, the inflammation with itchiness may last longer than usual. 


Are Mosquito Bites in Eyelid Dangerous? 

Usually, they are not. A mosquito bite on eyelid may seem scary, but that usually goes away within a few days. 

Children and people with impaired immune systems may notice more reactions on the eyelid than a normal adult person. For example, children may get scared and cry, reassure them and tell them not to touch or rub the eyelid. 

Use mosquito spray to prevent mosquito bite on eyelid
Use mosquito spray to prevent mosquito bite on eyelid

If the mosquito bites are infectious or have any symptoms, you have to consult with your doctor. 


Signs and Symptoms of Infected Mosquito Bite in Eyelid

Usually, a mosquito bite on eyelid is not that dangerous and doesn’t require medical attention. Sometimes, the mosquito bite in eyelid can turn infectious due to some condition and require medical attention. 

The signs and symptoms of an infected mosquito bite on eyelid may include;

  • Eyelid develops a deep red appearance with or without a black spot
  • Eyelid becomes hot and tender to touch
  • The eyelid becomes hard and swollen
  • Fluid discharge from the eye
  • Pain in and around the eyelid
  • Swelling does not go away within 2-3 days. 

Eyelid infection can spread from one eye to another eye and even in the nose. 

If you notice any sign of infection in your eyelid, please consult with a doctor for an eye examination. If the eyes are infected, then you need to undergo a clinical treatment procedure. If the eyes are not infected, you may try a few home remedies to reduce inflammation and itching. 


Mosquito Bite on Eyelid Treatment 

Home Remedies

Cold Compression

Apply moderately cold compression in and around your eyelid for 10 minutes and three times a day. It would help you to reduce inflammation and itchiness. 

Do not use too cold water or ice. 

Taking a Break in Dark

If you are feeling too much irritation and itching, do not rub the eyelid. Instead, take a break and close your eyes for a few minutes in a dark room. Think about something else. It will help you to relieve irritation for some time. 

Children Care

If a mosquito bites your children’s eyelid, then cut their nails short and tell them not to rub or touch the eyelid. 

Clinical Treatment

Allergy Medications

Over the counter, anti-histamines may help you to reduce irritation. Make sure you have to history of drug reactions. If you are confused about your medical history, then do not take any medication without consulting a doctor. 

Eye Drops

If the infection or inflammation impair your vision or cause fluid discharge, the doctor may prescribe certain eye drops. It will help to reduce the swelling and fluid discharge. 

Antibacterial Medications

If bacterias infect the mosquito bite in eyelid then the doctor might prescribe you antibacterials. However, an infection does not usually occur in a mosquito bite. 


When to Seek Emergency Care?

Mosquitos are not that innocent as they seem. They carry a lot of virus-borne diseases and transmit them to the human body. 

As we already mentioned, mosquitos can cause malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, etc. If you experience fever, restlessness, or anything unusual after a mosquito bite on eyelid or anywhere, then seek a doctor as early as possible. 

Every year about 4.9 million children die because of malaria, and dengue can be life-threatening if untreated for 2-5 days. 


Prevention of Mosquito Bites in Eyelid 

Multiple prevention methods help to reduce the occurrence of mosquitos. 

Use mosquito net to prevent mosquito bite in eyelid
Use mosquito net to prevent mosquito bite in eyelid
  • Use a mosquito net if you are sleeping outside.
  • If can use mosquito spray in your house if there are mosquitos
  • Change the water of the birdbath once every three days.
  • Mosquitos breed in the standing water. So, do not keep standing water near your house. Clean the bush and grasses if they are too long. 
  • Use covered dustbin 
  • Use “mosquito roll on” in your uncovered area if you are outside. It will prevent mosquitos by specific smell. 
  • Make sure your pool is clean and covered if needed. Otherwise, your pool will be the mosquito breeding ground. 


Usually, a mosquito bite in eyelid does not need any treatment, and the inflammation and swelling go away on their own. 

As the mosquito carries some viruses, we should prevent mosquito bites by taking preventive measures such as mosquito net, cleaning the standing water, cleaning the bushes and grasses, etc. 

While we are out of the home for camping or traveling, we should use mosquito repellant or other preventive measures. 

Hill areas are prone to malaria, and malaria can be life-threatening in some conditions. 

We should take more care of our children because they show more reactions to a mosquito bite, leading to multiple diseases. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get rid of mosquito bites on eyelids fast?

Mosquito bites are not dangerous and get cured on their own within 2-3 days. If you want some relief from the irritation and itching, you can apply cold compression to the area.

Mosquito bite on eyelid how long does it last?

Mosquito bite on eyelid lasts about 2-3 days. Children, hypersensitive persons, a people with impaired immune systems may need a little longer than usual to get rid of mosquito bite inflammation.

Mosquito bite on eyelid home remedy

Home remedies for a mosquito bite in eyelid include cold compression, OTC antihistamines, giving your eyes some rest.

How to treat a mosquito bite on eyelid?

A mosquito bite in eyelid does not require any medical attention unless you experience fever or something unusual with it. If fever presents or any sign of infection then you need to consult with a doctor.

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