Back Pain

Enlarged Clitorious Condition | Overview

What Is Enlarged Clitoris Condition Enlarged clitorious conditions can occur due to decreased sexual arousal, hormonal imbalance, and other medical conditions.  There is no usual size...

Ingrown Hair Turned Into Hard Lump Under Skin

Overview Ingrown hair can turn into a hard lump under the skin. Ingrown hair can also form cysts and sacs filled with fluid under the...

B Cup Breasts | All You Need To Know

B Cup Breasts Overview B cup breasts are just one cup smaller than the golden c cup breasts. Often women with b cup breasts wear...

Dehydration Back Pain: Explanation, Sign & Symptoms, and Treatment

Dehydration Back Pain Dehydration back pain sounds rare but it’s not that rare. 70-80% of our body is filled with water. Our body needs a... Protection Status