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What are Fat Dissolving Injections?

Fat dissolving injections are made up of certain chemicals that cause lipolysis and dissolve the unwanted fats from e certain body parts. 

Fat dissolving injections needed multiple shots to get the desired result. It has to be applied to the fat-containing regions. 

The FDA-approved and most commonly used fat dissolving injection is named Kybella. When applied to the fat-containing areas, it mimics the intestinal fat absorption system and destroys the unwanted fat. 

Not many side effects of fat dissolving injections yet exist, but some people may experience allergic reactions. 

This article discussed fat dissolving injections, their uses, side effects, how they work, and many more.


Structures of Fat Dissolving Injections

The fat dissolving injections contain modified bile acids such as deoxycholic acid

Deoxycholic acid is a secondary bile acid. It is produced as a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria. The intestinal bacteria metabolize the Cholic acid (a primary bile acid) into deoxycholic acid. 

Fat Dissolving Injections Chemical Structure - Deoxycholic acid
Fat Dissolving Injections Chemical Structure – Deoxycholic acid

The IUPAC name of the deoxycholic acid is (3α,5β,12α,20R)-3,12-Dihydroxycholan-24-oic acid.

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How Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work?

Fat Dissolving Injections mimic the intestinal fat absorption mechanism. The bile acids are secreted in the intestine to digest the fats from the fat-containing foods. 

The bile acids may include;

  • Cholic acid
  • Chenodeoxycholic acid

Fat Dissolving Injections includes a secondary bile acid, deoxycholic acid, that destroys the food from a particular region where it is injected. 

Both Kybella and Aqualyx work by this mechanism while the Kybella is FDA approved, but the Aqualyx is not. 

The excess fat broken down by the Fat Dissolving Injections and the chemical used for these injections are processed out from the body through our lymphatic system. 

As the lymphatic systems are finite and can process a certain amount of fats and chemicals at a time, the fat dissolving injections need multiple shots to get the desired effects. 

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Do Fat Dissolving Injections Really Work?

Fat Dissolving Injections work appropriately in most people without any severe side effects. Some people may think of giving up Fat Dissolving Injections after one or two shots. 

However, one or two shots of Fat Dissolving Injections and not enough to get the desired effect or enough effect to get noticed. 

Fat Dissolving Injections need multiple shots to get the desired result and work properly. 

As these injections work as a normal metabolic process, there is nothing to be worried about getting multiple shots of a fat-dissolving injection. 

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The Procedure of Fat Dissolving Injections

The fat dissolving injections do not require any anaesthesia. However, the anaesthesia can be used if the patient is irresistible to the pain and prefer the anaesthesia. 

Before applying the fact dissolving injections, ice packs are often applied to the targeted area to numb that area. The fat dissolving injections are injected into the areas in a particular pattern. 

Depending on the person’s pain resistance, it usually causes a mildly painful procedure. 

As it takes multiple shots on a particular region to get the desired result, the patient had to follow up regularly. 

It’s a quick and easy procedure and can be done in the outpatient department without admitting the person. 

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Fat Dissolving Injections Aftercare

Fat Dissolving Injections Does not need any specific aftercare. The recovery period is not much, but it may take 6 to 8 weeks to get the desert result. 

In the meantime, it is not necessary to maintain a particular diet or lifestyle. The results are smoother and sharp if you do not gain weight during the recovery. 

Doctors may prescribe you painkillers if you feel a little pain, redness, or swelling. 

Some patients have an allergic reaction. The doctor may prescribe anti-allergic medication for them.

You can leave the hospital almost immediately after the procedure is finished. 


Where Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work Best?

Fat Dissolving Injections work at the site of injection. It is injected where there is excess fat deposited. 

Often people think it may work best where there is too much fat, and it appears as a fatty extension. But this is not precisely true; it can work in any fat deposited area if ideally injected. 

Some common areas where the Fat Dissolving Injections are used may include;

  • Double Chin
  • Abdominal Fat
  • Waist region
  • Buttock area
  • Hips
  • Thigh 
  • Under the chin
  • Legs


How Long do Fat Dissolving Injections Last?

Fat Dissolving Injections is recently being used, and no such data can accurately measure the result duration. 

However, it is believed that the result persists over time if the person does not gain weight in the meantime. 

Try to maintain a perfect hygienic balanced food habit and a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight gain. It would help you to maintain the result of the Fat Dissolving Injections. 


Fat Dissolving Injections for Double Chin

Fat Dissolving Injections are quite commonly used for double chains. Double jeans are hard to get rid of my regular exercises, and it takes intense workouts and habitat to remove the excess fat from your chin area. 

Fat Dissolving Injections reduce stress and make the process easy to get rid of the double chin.

To dissolve the fat in your chin area, the doctors inject the Fat Dissolving Injection into the chin area without anaesthesia by using ice packs sometimes. 

This procedure is done in the outpatient department, and you can get out of the hospital within an hour after the procedure. 

It would take about 6 to 8 weeks to get rid of a double chin if you are on a balanced diet and do not gain more weight during this time window. 


Fat Dissolving Injections for the Abdomen

Fat Dissolving Injections Are often used for abdominal fats. The abdomen is a common area of fat deposition and becomes so excessive that getting rid of the fat through exercise and diet is challenging. 

Fat Dissolving Injection should be injected into the abdominal region to get rid of abdominal fats. 

After a particular time, you may notice all volumes of fat in your abdominal area. 


Are Fat Dissolving Injections Safe?

Certain Fat Dissolving Injections such as Kybella are considered safe by FDA. 

There are some side effects you may experience after yeah playing the fat dissolving injections, such as;

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Allergic reactions such as itching etc. 


Fat Dissolving Injections vs Exercise

Fat Dissolving Injections and exercise work differently. Exercise helps reduce the overall body fat while the injections dissolve the fats of a particular region where it is injected.

Exercise takes passion, hard work, and regularity to lose weight and lose unwanted fats from the body.

Everybody may not be able to perform exercises daily and maintain an excellent overall figure. 

Some people may be suffering from a massive amount of unwanted fats and need some additional help along with exercise.

However, both exercises and Fat Dissolving Injections can bring some outstanding results. 


Fat Dissolving Injections vs Weight Loss Drugs

Fat Dissolving Injections Are not similar to weight loss pills. Weight loss pills or drugs activate a different mechanism of the body that increases your body’s metabolism and helps you lose excess fats and weight. 

On the other hand, the Fat Dissolving Injections are designed to destroy access and unwanted fat from a particular body region. It mimics a normal intestinal fat digestion process and is different from weight loss drugs. 


Fat Dissolving Injections vs Liposuction Surgeries

Fat Dissolving Injections and liposuction surgery are quite different. A surgeon does liposuction surgery in the operation theatre to remove the excess fats from a particular region. 

Fat Dissolving Injection Procedure can be done in the outpatient department. 

Liposuction surgery needs quite a recovery period and has to maintain some instructions as post-operative care. At the same time, the Fat Dissolving Injection receiver can leave the hospital after some time and does not need to follow such instructions. 

Liposuction surgery does not apply to everyone and is done when there is a lack of other options. 


Fat Dissolving Injections Cost

The average cost of a session of Fat Dissolving Injection Kybella is around $1200-$1800. It may differ according to the states, hospital facilities, and patient conditions. 

The factors influencing the cost of Fat Dissolving Injections may include;

  • Injection price
  • Number of shots needed
  • Geographic location
  • Hospital facilities
  • The condition of the patient
  • Other complications
  • Doctors fee
  • Medications if needed etc. 


Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections

The benefit of a Fat Dissolving Injection it’s not only the change of the outlook; it also improves your health condition. 

We all know obesity can lead to multiple medical complications and even be life-threatening. Fat Dissolving Injections help you eliminate excess fat, which allows you to improve your health and lifestyle.

Getting rid of fats often gives you the confidence you lack and improves your appearance. Sometimes it also helps to pursue your passion and career. 



Fat Dissolving Injections contains certain chemicals that are injected underneath a fatty area’s skin and dissolve the excess fat by a normal metabolic process.

Fat-dissolving injections are quick procedures and can be done in a hospital’s outpatient department, and do not require any post-operative care.

Fat Dissolving Injections are considered safe for most of the person. Still consult with your doctor to get more information about your condition and its safety and tolerability. 



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