How To Glow Up Dramatically in A Week

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How To Glow Up

“How to glow up?” became a common question at this time. During the covid pandemic, almost nobody could take care of their skin and appearance. 

Some of the women gained some weight during the pandemic as they stayed at home in the lockdown. In addition, most of the women didn’t maintain a skincare routine during this period. 

Now everybody wants to know how to glow up and look prettier. You have to follow a healthy lifestyle, diet plan, and exercise routine to glow up within a week. 

Our article is focused on how you can glow up within a week. If you maintain our tips and lifestyle, you can have your glow-up skin and prettiness all the time. 


Glow Up Meaning

Glow up means transform oneself in a positive or significant way. More specifically, positive changes in one’s appearance, lifestyle, behavior, and self-confidence. 

So, now you know what the glow-up means. Our article is also focused on showing you the steps of significant self-transformation. 

Most women want to glow up their skin tone overnight and want to have this glow all the life, but almost nobody wants to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

If you can control your bad food habits, do some daily exercises, and care for your skin, surely you can get glow up. 

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How to Glow Up Physically

There are some steps needed to be followed to glow up physically. However, if you follow the steps, physically glowing up won’t be a challenge. 

Drink Enough Water

Drink enough water. A 58 kg adult female should drink 2.2L of water a day. Make sure you drink this much water. Our body needs a good amount of water to maintain all its functions of the body. 

If you drink enough water every day, soon you’ll notice your skin glow. So whenever you are thirsty, drink water. Drink water with each meal. Make sure you are not drinking polluted water. 

Polluted water drinking can have so many adverse effects. Use a water purifier for safety. You can take a bottle of water whenever you are going outside. 

Start A Skincare Routine

Skincare routine doesn’t mean you buy a lot of products and start using them. Almost every skincare products have more or less adverse effects. So, you have to choose the ideal products and only the necessary ones. 

Morning Routine

  • Gently wash your face with cold water
  • Use Vit-C serum
  • Apply a moisturizer

Night Routine

  • Wash your face with a cleanser
  • Use a retinol serum
  • You can use an anti-wrinkle cream/ product
  • Apply moisturizer

Talk to your dermatologist about your skin type and ideal products for your skin. All of the products mentioned above work well only when you can use the ideal one for your skin. 

If you have acne-prone skin, consider that while buying products. Also, make sure you know that you have oily skin or dry skin. 

Most women are aware of preventing early age wrinkles. Make sure you know that. Anti-wrinkle products should be used with extra safety. Derma roller is a good option. You can try it by consulting with your dermatologist. 

Regular Exercise

There is no other way to keep yourself fit than exercise. Follow an expert-provided exercise routine and do these exercises. Most of the workout plan comes out with four days in a week. Try not to skip any exercise or any day. 

Each exercise focuses on different parts of the body. If you skip a particular exercise, some parts of your body may remain unfit, and the rest of the fat can be store there. So, don’t skip exercising. 

How to glow up - exercise is one of the key to glow up
How to glow up – exercise is one of the key to glow up

Most women prefer to work out at home, but if you go to a gym, you can be motivated by watching others do exercise. It’s also better to walk outside in the morning than run on a treadmill at home. 

Exercise boosts your physical strength, stability, and mental status. In addition, you will be calmer and understanding by doing regular exercise. 

Eat Organic Foods

Eat a certain amount of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food in a day. Fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals, and green vegetables contain Vit B along with other vitamins and minerals. 

Healthy diet is essential for glow up
Healthy diet is essential for glow up

Don’t eat fruits on an empty stomach, that may trigger your acidity. 

Cook vegetables in a healthy way. Use less oil and fat-based products. Eat colored vegetables along with green vegetables. Try to use green pepper. It contains vitamin c. 

Avoid Fatty Foods

Avoid red meat and fatty foods. Try to eat fresh meat and fresh fish. Avoid the fatty part of the meat. Use less oil in cooking and avoid oil-fried foods. Eat boiled food more often than the fried foods. 

Avoid Junk Foods

Junk foods affect your body badly. Your body’s normal metabolism process hampers with junk foods. In addition, most junk foods contain lots of saturated fats. 

Junk foods are one of the main causes of acidity, acne, insomnia, and other complications. Avoid eating these kinds of foods. Drinking beverages also should be avoided. Those beverages contain sugar that is also hindering the fat loss process. 

Work On Your Hair

Healthy hair can boost your confidence. With dirty, unbrushed hair, you cannot glow up. Use the right shampoo for your hair. If you are suffering from dandruff, talk to your doctor.  

Change your hairstyle sometimes. This will bring a new and different look. During the shower, wash your hair before washing your body. The PH of shampoo is lower than the body soap. 

Talk to your doctor about your hair condition. Try good oils and serums on your hair according to your hair. Make sure you don’t have any hair problems. If any, then don’t hesitate to talk to the doctor. 

Maintain Good Posture

Maintain a good posture while you are walking, standing, or sitting. For example, if you are doing a desk job, make sure you are using a chair with a backrest. Good posture will boost up your confidence and minimize the risk of back pain and other health complications. 

Good posture improves your flexibility and joint strength. Try to do pull-ups and chin-ups exercise during the workout. These exercises will increase your confidence and strength. 

Makeup and Clothing

Use makeup and proper clothing according to the event. You can use makeup daily but make sure you are using ideal products. Talk to your doctor to know your skin type and buy proper makeup kits. 

Choose clothing according to your schedule. Proper attire will increase your confidence level. For example, if you are going for a walk, avoid high heels, in-office meetings, try black and white combinations of clothing. 

How To Glow Up Mentally

Mentally glowing up is much difficult than physically glowing up. A person’s thinking, mentality, stress all plays important roles here. 

Start Meditation

You can glow up mentally by meditation. Meditation is an art, you have to achieve it by dedication. Start meditating for 5-10 minutes a day. Later you can increase the time. 

Follow experts in case of meditation. If you follow their instruction on meditation, you can find peace in your life. Meditation not only enhances your mental status but also improves your physical health status. 

Follow Your Hobby

Whenever you are free from work, do not waste your free time, do what you like. For example, if you want to play guitar, you can use your free time to play. Do not listen to what people are saying. Follow your hobby. 

By doing your favorite things, you can stay happy and keep smiling all the time. A happy person always glows up. 

Be Confident

Work on your confidence level. Feel confident in anything. Do not think of yourself as small. If you are doing anything, do it with full confidence. Make your confidence a habit. 

If you do something full of confidence, you will notice the improvement of your works. For example, while talking with someone, do not feel shy. Instead, act confident and be confident. 

If you are preparing for a meeting or speech, talk to yourself in front of the mirror. This will improve your speaking as well as boost up your confidence. 

Confident women glow up than anyone else. 

Read Good Books

Reading good books not only enriches your knowledge but also extends your thinking capability. Those who read books can talk fluently and interestingly. 

If you want to talk with confidence, give a speech in front of a larger audience, you should read more books. Do not read one type of book every time. Read different types of books such as philosophy books, romantic books, socialistic books, novels. 

Reading books help to mentally glow up
Reading books help to mentally glow up

If you don’t want to spend money buying books, contact the nearest library. Get the membership there. You can read and borrow lots of books for free. 

Think Positively

Whatever happens in your life, try not to bring any negativity there. Everything is going to be fine, and everything is going right, think like this. When you remove the negativity from your life, you will never be depressed. 

Disappointment brings up depression. If you work without hoping for anything, just for fun, you can get true happiness. When you are meditating, all negativity goes away, and positivity roots inside you. 

Try to help people. Donate something if you can. See some beautiful motivational videos. Keep your life and expectations simple. Simple is beautiful. 

Work on Your Passion

If you are not following your passion, you are wasting your time. Try to get the career you love. Some people get a career they do not want, sometimes for money or sometimes for family pressure. You can never be happy doing what you do not like. 

When you are working on your passion, you will like every part of your work. You can notice the difference here. If you want to be a painter, be a painter. You can always find a way to earn money, but it will be hard for you to be happy and glow up if you don’t follow your passion. 

Be Appreciative

Appreciation is a great step for glow up. Whenever someone is kind to you or showing love and respect toward you, thank them. 

You are showing some gratitude and appreciation deserved by everyone. If you appreciate your friends, family, and colleagues, they’d love you and will show the same generosity toward you. 

Be happy with what you have, do not keep your expectations sky-high. Put your best effort whenever doing something. This will automatically bring up the results. 

Being appreciative is one of the keys to glowing up. 

Find Yourself and Set Your Goals

The great Socrates once said, “Know yourself“. 

Knowing oneself is a great step toward glow up. When you can understand yourself, you’ll notice the change in confidence level. Then, show your true self to the people. Do not hide yourself and your feelings. 

Every day have some time and stand in front of the mirror, ask who you are. You’ll get the answer inside of you. 

How To Have A Glow Up

Follow the physically and mentally glow-up steps; surely you can have a glow-up. 

Some women think glowing up is all about skin tone and appearance. But this doesn’t seem right. To glow up, everyone has to consider both mental and physical steps. 

If you can stand full of confidence and have your clothing, look, and appearance all fit, only then can you completely glow up. 

Change your hairstyle for a different look and glow up
Change your hairstyle for a different look and glow up

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, because if you are sick or unhealthy, you cannot be confident about yourself and your works won’t be the best. 

How To Glow Up Summary

Don’t keep searching for how to glow up. Start working on yourself. Start Exercising and plan a healthy diet as soon as possible. 

Talk to your doctor about your skin type and buy some health care products which are necessary. 

If needed, change your hairstyle and appearance, read some good books, and work on your mentality and behavior. 

Soon you’ll be a better version of yourself and a glow-up girl. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to glow up over the summer?

follow all the steps mentioned above. Use sunscreen whenever going outside. Use sunscreen that gives protection from UVA and UVB. Clean your face often, wear fresh clothes, and keep tissues near you.

How to glow up a list?

Glowing up includes both physically glowing up and mentally glowing up. Follow both lists to get the ultimate glow-up.

How to get a glow-up?

Glow-up isn’t a single procedure. It takes dedication and works on yourself. Work on both outlook and mentality. Soon you will glow up in your own way.

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