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Who are we?

We are doctors and final year MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) students from Chittagong Medical University. Apart from professional life, we want to do something to help people in general. There are many health topics, problems, and queries people search online but don’t get the correct and reliable answer or solution. We are mainly trying to cover those topics.

What is our motto?

Almost all health websites are run by hospitals or clinics authority, which are filled with promotional advertisement and less content. Learn From Doctor is a non-commercial Health advice and tips site. Our objective is to enrich you with essential health advice at your doorstep.


Every content is written and reviewed by doctors and medical professionals. We maintain proper sourcing guidelines that rely on renowned journals and Medical academic books, Medical associations. We do not prescribe medication over the internet and do not encourage people not to go to the doctor. We only suggest some OTC drugs in some content under proper guidelines and indications.

About Us
About Us: Learn From Doctor

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