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There are some celebrities with Turner syndrome. People are curious about them. Linda Hunt (Oscar winner), Janette Krankie, Catherine Ward-Melver, Melissa Marlowe(Missy) are most popular amongst them. Let us learn about Turner Syndrome first, then we’ll look upon the celebrities as well.

Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome occurs when one of the X chromosomes (sex chromosomes) is absent or partly missing, affecting only females. Turner syndrome may result in a number of medical and physical problems, such as short stature, ovarian failure, and heart defects.

Turner syndrome may be detected before birth (early in pregnancy), during childhood, or in early adolescence. The diagnosis of Turner syndrome in females with moderate signs and symptoms is often delayed until they are in their adolescent or young adult years.

Turner syndrome affects both girls and women, and they need constant medical treatment from a number of specialists. Most girls and women will live stable, independent lives with routine care and proper treatment.

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Symptoms Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome can manifest itself in a number of ways in both girls and women. Turner syndrome may not be clearly apparent in some children, but in others, a number of physical characteristics and slow growth are visible early on. Signs and signs can be noticeable and develop over time, or they can be serious, such as congenital heart disease.

Symptoms in the prenatal period

Prenatal cell-free DNA screening (a form of screening for certain sex chromosome anomalies in a developing baby using a blood test from the mother) or prenatal ultrasound can be used to suspect Turner syndrome. An ultrasound of a fetus(in mother) with Turner syndrome during pregnancy can reveal;

  • If the baby has a large fluid accumulation on the back of its neck or other irregular fluid collections(edema)
  • Abnormalities of the heart
  • Congenital anomaly of kidney

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Symptoms at the time of birth or during infancy (below 1 year of age)

  • A neck that is large or weblike
  • Ears that are set low
  • Nipples are widely spaced on a broad chest.
  • The mouth has a high, narrow roof (palate)
  • At the elbows, arms that transform outward
  • Narrow and upwardly turned fingernails and toenails
  • Hands and feet swell, particularly after birth
  • At birth, he was slightly shorter than the average height.
  • Growth is declining.
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Receding or small lower jaw with a short hairline at the back of the head
  • Fingers and toes that are too short

Symptoms arising from childhood to adulthood

Small stature and ovarian abnormality due to ovarian failure that may have developed at birth or progressively during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood are the most common symptoms in almost all Turner syndrome girls, adolescents, and young people. These include the following signs and symptoms;

  • Growth is declining.
  • There were no growth spurts in childhood at the predicted times.
  • Adult height is slightly lower than one would expect for a female family member.
  • Failure to induce sexual changes that should have occurred throughout puberty
  • During adolescence, sexual progress “pauses.”
  • Menstrual periods end earlier than normal, but not because of pregnancy.
  • Infertility therapy is necessary for most women with Turner syndrome who are unable to conceive.

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Causes Turner Syndrome

The majority of people are born with a set of two specific sex chromosomes. The X chromosome is passed down from mothers to sons, and the Y chromosome is passed down from fathers to sons. Each parent gives each girl one X chromosome. One copy of the X chromosome is absent, partly missing, or altered in Turner syndrome children.

Turner syndrome is caused by one or more of the following genetic changes;

  • Monosomy is a term used to describe a condition in which An defect in the father’s sperm or the mother’s egg normally results in the complete absence of an X chromosome. As a consequence, each cell in the body only has one X chromosome.
  • Mosaicism is a term that refers to a type of error in the early stages of fetal development, an error in cell division may occur. As a consequence, certain body cells have two total copies of the X chromosome. The X chromosome is only found in one copy in other cells.
  • Anomalies of the X chromosome. It is possible to have abnormal or missing sections of one of the X chromosomes. One full copy and one altered copy exist in each cell. This mistake may happen in sperm or eggs, with each cell having one full and one altered copy. Or, in early fetal development, an error in cell division may result in only certain cells containing irregular or missing sections of one of the X chromosomes (above-mentioned mosaicism).
  • Some cells have one copy of the X chromosome, and others have one copy of the X chromosome and also some Y chromosome content in a limited number of Turner syndrome cases. Although these people are biologically female, the presence of Y chromosome material raises their risk of developing gonadoblastoma, a type of cancer.

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Complications Turner Syndrome

  • Certain Heart Problems: Many Turner syndrome babies are born with heart defects or even mild structural anomalies in their hearts, raising their risk of severe complications. The aorta, a massive blood vessel that branches off the heart and provides oxygen-rich blood to the body, is often affected by heart defects.
  • Hypertension(High blood pressure): Women with Turner syndrome are more likely to have elevated blood pressure, which raises the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.
  • Deafness may occur: Turner syndrome is associated with hearing loss. This may be attributed to the progressive loss of nerve activity in some situations. Hearing loss can also be caused by an elevated risk of middle ear infections.
  • Vision Defects: Turner syndrome increases the risk of strabismus (weak muscle regulation of eye movements), nearsightedness, and other vision issues in girls.
  • Renal Problems(Kidney): Turner syndrome can cause kidney malformations in young girls. While these anomalies don’t usually cause health issues, they can raise the risk of high blood pressure and bladder infections.
  • Autoimmune diseases: Because of the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, girls and women with Turner syndrome are more likely to have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). They’re much more likely to develop diabetes. Turner syndrome may cause gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) or irritable bowel syndrome in some women.
  • Bone Related Problems: Problems with bone growth raise the risk of scoliosis (abnormal spinal curvature) and forward rounding of the upper back (kyphosis). Turner syndrome puts women at a higher risk of having thin, fragile bones (osteoporosis).
  • Lack of Mental Sharpness(Difficulty in learning): Turner syndrome affects mostly girls and women of average intelligence. However, learning disorders are more likely, particularly when learning requires spatial concepts, arithmetic, memory, and concentration.
  • Other Mental Conditions: Turner syndrome can make it difficult for girls and women to perform well in social settings, and they are more likely to develop attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Infertility(Unable to conceive): Turner syndrome causes infertility in the majority of women. However, only a small percentage of women will become pregnant on their own, and others will need fertility medication.
  • Common Pregnancy Complications: Most women with Turner syndrome are more likely to have complications during the anti-natal period, such as high blood pressure or aortic stenosis, they should see a cardiologist before getting pregnant.

Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Linda Susanna(Linda Hunt) Turner Syndrome

She is an actress who has appeared on stage and screen in the United States.

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome Linda Hunt
LInda Hunt Wiki

She made her film debut in Popeye as Mrs. Oxheart (1980). Hunt received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the male character Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982), making her the first person to win an Oscar for challenging portrayal of a character of the opposite sex. Hunt has also acted in movies including Dune (1984), Kindergarten Cop (1990), Pocahontas (1995), Pocahontas II: Adventure to a New World (1998), and Stranger Than Fiction (2006).

Hunt has a prolific television and voice-over career, most notably as the narrator of the Greek-era God of War series. She starred as Judge Zoey Hiller on The Practice from 1997 to 2002 and as Commander Chennault on the science fiction series Space Rangers. She has played Henrietta “Hetty” Lange on the CBS television series NCIS: Los Angeles since 2009, and has won two Teen Choice Awards for the role.

Filmography of Linda Hunt

  • The Year of Living Dangerously
  • Dune
  • The Bostonians
  • Eleni
  • Silverado
  • Waiting for the Moon
  • She-Devil
  • Kindergarten Cop
  • Carmilla
  • If Looks Could Kill
  • Rain Without Thunder
  • Younger and Younger
  • Twenty Bucks
  • Prêt-à-Porter
  • Pocahontas
  • The Relic
  • Amazon
  • Yours, Mine and Ours
  • Stranger Than Fiction

Jenette Tough(The Krankies) Turner Syndrome

She was born with the birth name Jenet Anderson in 1947 in Scotland. She is an actress and known for The Krankies Electornik Komik(1985), The Saturday Show, Blackpool Bonanza.

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome Krankies
The krankies Wiki

Her husband is Ian tough. They met in 1967 at Glasglow’s pavilion Theater. Jenette was performing as a dancer and Ian Tough was an electrician then. They got married in 1969 and celebrated their 50th marriage anniversary in 2019.

Who are Krankies

The couple began as a cabaret act, but it wasn’t until the birth of Wee Jimmy Krankie that people began to take note. Janette, who is 4ft 5in tall, was told by a comedian that she should use her height to her advantage and build a persona for her stand-up gigs.

Janette played Wee Jimmy, and her husband played Ian Krankie in the comedy duo The Krankies show.


  • Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
  • Benidorm
  • Dinnerladies
  • The Krankies Electornik Komik
  • The Saturday Show etc.

The Jenette krankies Turner Syndrome Wiki

Recent Story of Jenette Krankies

She retired from performing in pantos in 2018.

She got seriously injured in 2020 while riding a bicycle. She needed 18 stitches on her arm.

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Dr. Catherine Ward Melver MD Turner Syndrome

Dr. Ward-Melver, a clinical geneticist at Akron Children’s Genetics Center, and her husband, Kevin, visited China to finalize the adoption and bring 3-year-old Zoe back to Akron to begin their new life together.

Celebrities With Turner Syndrome Catherine
Celebrities With Turner Syndrome Catherine

Zoe was given not only loving parents and a new family but also a mother with whom she shares a special bond. Dr. Ward-Melver and Zoe both have Turner syndrome, which is a genetic disorder in which a woman’s X chromosomes are missing. The disorder is linked to physical characteristics such as short stature, incomplete puberty growth, and infertility.

In retrospect, it seems that meeting Zoe was predetermined.

Dr. Ward-Melver is the former president of the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States, and those who work at the non-profit organization dedicated to advancing awareness, study, and advocacy for women and girls with Turner syndrome were aware of her involvement in adopting a child or young girl with the syndrome.

When the Turner Syndrome Society emailed a select group of families interested in adoption, the Melvers were already licensed, foster parents. They’d got a call about a young girl who had been diagnosed with Turner syndrome.

Dr. Ward-Melver described becoming a mother as an “incredible experience.”

Melissa Anne “Missy” Marlowe Turner Syndrome

Melissa Anne “Missy” Marlowe was born in 1971. She is a former gymnast from the United States. At the 1988 Summer Olympics, she participated in six events.

Celebrities With Turner Syndrome Missy Marlowe
Celebrities With Turner Syndrome Missy Marlowe

Marlowe, who had grown up in Salt Lake City, was a five-time NCAA champion for the University of Utah gymnastics team. She was inducted into the Pac-12 Hall of Honors in 2018 after winning the Honda Sports Trophy as the nation’s top female gymnast and the first-ever Honda-Broderick Cup awarded to a gymnast as the nation’s top female athlete in 1990-200.

According to some newspapers, Melissa Anne “Missy” Marlowe is the only gymnast with Turner syndrome. 


Living with Turner Syndrome

Living with turner syndrome is not easy. the person affected with Turner syndrome has to face many physical and mental challenges.

as turner syndrome affects the physical condition and causes infertility, the person may have less desire for the opposite gender and find it difficult to maintain a perfect relationship.

People with Turner syndrome have other abnormalities such as heart problems. they have to visit doctors more frequently than maintain a proper lifestyle to prevent further complications.

still now people do not accept the Turner syndrome easily and often abuse them. one person has to be strong enough to face these challenges to leave with the turner syndrome.

Living with turner syndrome is not easy. The person affected with Turner syndrome has to face many physical and mental challenges.

As turner syndrome affects the physical condition and causes infertility, the person may have less desire for the opposite gender and find it difficult to maintain a perfect relationship.

People with Turner syndrome have other abnormalities such as heart problems. They have to visit doctors more frequently than maintain a proper lifestyle to prevent further complications.

Still now people do not accept the Turner syndrome easily and often abuse them. One person has to be strong enough to face these challenges to leave with the turner syndrome.


Turner Syndrome Treatment

Turner syndrome is a genetic condition that cannot be corrected completely. The treatment of this condition is mainly symptomatic.

Growth hormone therapy

Growth hormone therapy is used in children at early diagnosis to treat growth retardation. This therapy is useful in childhood and teenage period.

The dose of the growth hormone depends on the condition and response.

Estrogen Therapy

Instruction is given during puberty to maintain the growth of primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

It is often used with the growth hormone to maintain the ideal health condition. Estrogen should be given throughout life until the age of menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Turner Syndrome?

Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the absence of sex chromosomes in females.

Is Turner Syndrome curable?

No, there is no cure for Turner Syndrome. But the treatment of associated symptoms is available.

Can a Turner Syndrome women look normal?

Yes, a person with Turner syndrome can have a normal appearance outside.

Are there actresses with Turner Syndrome?

Yes, there are some famous persons and actresses with Turner Syndrome. Linda Hunt won Oscar amongst them.

Can you get pregnant if you have turner syndrome?

Most people with Turner syndrome can get pregnant naturally. However, as the person has Turner syndrome sometimes she would be a high-risk mother.
If the mother has other complications such as heart conditions, she may give birth to a premature baby.

The oldest living person with Turner syndrome

The oldest living person with Turner syndrome is Rita. She is 79 years old and living a healthy life.
She has grown up on a farm and lived her life with proper care and passion.

Turner syndrome genotypes

The most common genotype of Turner syndrome is 45, X

Turner syndrome heart defects

The common heart defects of Turner syndrome may include;
·      Defects on bicuspid aortic valves,
·      Aortic coarctation,
·      Other valve abnormalities
·      Septal defect

Turner syndrome high arched palate

It was believed that the female affected with Turner syndrome have a high-arched palate. But some current studies deny it.

How many Barr bodies in Turner syndrome

There are no Barr bodies in Turner Syndrome.

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