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What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a medical process in which extreme temperatures, sonic vibrations, or acid injections are used to remove the excess fat cells from different areas of the body.  

You may wonder, how celebrities keep their fitness almost the same for all the years. It isn’t easy to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine every day.

The answer is body sculpting. Body sculpting is used in the areas where the excess fat may reduce the appealing look of the model, such as the belly area, thigh, lower leg area.

Most body sculpting techniques are non-invasive and there are almost no side effects. So, it’s becoming more popular nowadays not only for models but also for normal women.

If you are thinking about body sculpting or hesitating about it. Read this full article to clear your concept.


Body Sculpting Methods

There are different body sculpting techniques available. Rather than choosing one all by yourself, talk to your doctor. Your doctor would recommend you the best technique for you. Although all the technique brings up almost same results, the best one would be more comfortable. common and effective body sculpting techniques are; 


In this technique the elimination of excess fat cells done by freezing them. The cryolipolysis machine is used to reach a certain temperature where the fat cells become frozen but that doesn’t cause any harm to the skin.

As the fat cells become frozen and dead our body eliminates those dead cells naturally over time. This technique is used in a larger area such as the thigh, belly, buttock.

You may don’t notice any instant result, as it just freezes the cells but doesn’t remove them immediately. Our body mechanisms take their natural time to eliminate them. Which can take weeks to months.

This technique is one of the most used techniques as it removes 20-25% excess fats successfully. If someone maintains a proper diet and exercise routine, this technique is best for him/her. This technique would remove the resistant fats which are hard to remove by exercising.

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Laser Fat Reduction

In this technique, a laser machine is being used to remove the excess fat cells. An ideal temperature that doesn’t affect the skin or other organs but helps to break the fat cells is used, which is usually 107.6 to 116 ̊ F.

The broken and dead fat cells naturally eliminate from our body by our body mechanisms. Which can take around 3 months.

Body Sculpting by Laser fat removal method
Body Sculpting by Laser fat removal method

Though you are using some medical techniques for removing fat cells, to gain the ultimate result you have to maintain a strict diet plan and a healthy exercise routine.

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Ultrasound Fat Reduction (USFR)

In this technique, highly concentrated sonic waves are used to break down the fat cells. Some people prefer to use this technique because they are familiar with USG tests.

This technique takes some more time than the other techniques. This can take hours while the other techniques take a maximum of half an hour.

This technique shouldn’t be done in any area if you are pregnant.

The FDA approved two types of ultrasound fat reduction treatments;

  1. UltraShape – in this process a pulsed ultrasound technology is used
  2. Liposonix – in this process a high-intensity focused ultrasound technology is used.
Body Sculpting by Ultrasound Fat Reduction (USFR)
Body Sculpting by Ultrasound Fat Reduction (USFR)

Your doctor would choose the best option for you. Discuss your expectation, any previous medical condition, allergic reaction, etc.

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Deoxycholic Acid Injections

This is the only body sculpting method that needs to inject. Although, this is bile, which is produced in our body naturally to break down the fat cells. In this method, Deoxycholic acid is injected into the body and it enhances the fat breakdown in our body.

There is only one FDA-approved Deoxycholic acid injection brand is Kybella.

Under local anesthesia, it needs to be administrated and the only site of injection is under the chin. This method needs a total of six sessions, one month apart to get the maximum result.

This is not a common method for body sculpting. If another method works well for you, no need to undergo this process.

Muscle Stimulation

This is quite a modern, effective and popular method. In this method, the muscles are stimulated as the exercise would do. The muscles would be stimulated and get toned which removes the unwanted fat cells naturally.

While we exercise our muscles strengthen and get toned, the muscle stimulation works just like this. This method helps the muscles to get toned and remove the fat cells.

Other methods such as Cryolipolysis, break down the fat cells first and then being removed by the body. It takes twice the time as muscle stimulation.

The actors and models prefer mostly this method. Because they want to look strong and muscular. This method works best to meet up their criteria.

It usually takes 4 sessions to get the expected result by this body sculpting method.

Surgical Body Sculpting

Surgical body sculpting is also sometimes referred to as bariatric surgery. Here an incision is made in the skin and the fat cells are removed by a sucking machine.

This technique may give you instant results just after the surgery but it’s painful and have a longer recovery time. Moreover, the scar may not go away and stay visible.

This technique is used for the persons who are extremely overweight and other technique is not able to get a small percentage of the expected result.

The Risks and Side Effects of Body Sculpting

As most body sculpting methods are non-invasive, these usually need no recovery time. You may feel little discomfort during and after the procedure. Nothing more than that.

Possible side effects of each body sculpting method;


In this body sculpting method, some instant symptoms may appear, such as;

  • Redness and swelling
  • Tingling sensation
  • Sense of discomfort
  • Little pain

In Cryolipolysis the symptoms are not alarming and usually go away after one or two days. The maximum symptoms period can be 2 weeks.

Laser Fat Reduction

This is also a good technique for body sculpting which doesn’t show any major side effects. The possible side effects that may arise;

  • Little pain during the procedure
  • Redness and swelling
  • The area may look like bruising for a day or two

All of those symptoms usually go away after one or two days.

Ultrasound Fat Reduction (USFR)

The ultrasound body sculpting method shows some similar side effects as the cryolipolysis and laser fat reduction technique.

There are no major side effects except a little pain during the procedure and redness, swelling.

Deoxycholic Acid Injections

This body sculpting method can bring up some serious side effects and complications. You already know that in this method Deoxycholic acid is injected into the body. Our body can react adversely to this substance. Which can cause;

  • Pain and swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Impaired jaw movement (rare)

As it is an injection procedure, there can be an overdose. Moreover, our body produces a balanced amount of Deoxycholic acid, after injecting this acid for six sessions our body may decrease the production. Which may have some adverse effects, such as low-fat metabolism.

Although most of the side effects which are not major go away after one or two days, this body sculpting method is a little dangerous than others.

Muscle Stimulation

This is also a safe body sculpting method. No major side effects in this procedure. The possible non-major side effects can be;

  • Little pain during the procedure
  • Muscle twitching
  • Redness
  • Discomfort

These side effects usually do not last more than two days. The muscle stimulation body sculpting method is one of the safest and popular methods nowadays.

Body Sculpting Cost

Different body sculpting method comes with different cost. You have to determine which body sculpting method you are gonna take. Here is a list of the approximate cost of each sculpting technique;

  • Cryolipolysis can cost you an average of $2000 – $4000 for each session.
  • Laser Fat Reduction can cost you an average of $1500 – $2000.
  • Ultrasound Fat Reduction (USFR) can cost you an average of $1300 for each session.
  • Deoxycholic Acid Injections can cost you an average of $1800 – $2000 for each session.
  • Muscle stimulation can cost you an average of $500-$600 for each session.

These costs are not the exact price. These depend on the machine the technician use, the cost of the technician. How expert he or she is. If you need to consult with a doctor for this, this cost will include the doctor’s fee too.

Body Sculpting Before and After

Body Sculpting before and after old female
Body Sculpting before and after old female

Body Sculpting before and after senior female
Body Sculpting before and after senior female

Body Sculpting before and after young female
Body Sculpting before and after young female

Body Sculpting in belly area
Body Sculpting in belly area

Body Sculpting Summary

Talk to your doctor about which body sculpting technique is best for you. Do your homework and learn more about the benefits and the side effects. Choose the best method advised by the doctor. Keep in mind that some methods may need multiple sessions to get the best result.

If you are a model, make sure you mentioned it to your doctor. Because somebody sculpting method may show redness for a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is body sculpting?

It’s a process in which different techniques are used to remove the excess fat from certain body areas such as the belly, thigh, buttocks.

How much is body sculpting?

Different methods cost differently. This can range from $1300 – $4000. Among them the costly method is Cryolipolysis.

How does body sculpting work?

Different methods work differently. In the Cryolipolysis technique, low temperature is used to freeze the fat cells and lead them to break down.

What is microlaser body sculpting?

The microlaser fat reduction technique is based on concentrated high temperatures to break down the fat cells. The temperature is usually 107.6 degrees to 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

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