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B Cup Breasts Overview

B cup breasts are just one cup smaller than the golden c cup breasts. Often women with b cup breasts wear a larger bra, which is not good for health. 

Most women with b cup-sized breasts think they have small breasts. But, actually, the b cup breasts are not too small. 

Women with b cup-sized breasts can wear comfortable dresses without hesitation or wearing a bra.

At the same time, women with c or d cup breasts must wear a bra to prevent back pain and maintain the shape of the breasts. 

A b cup breasts can look different in different women’s bodies. For example, if the woman is thin, then it would look more prominent. On the other hand, if the woman is obese, then it may look smaller or flat. 

Because of many undergarments industries and the revolution of breast health awareness, now it’s easy to determine the breast size and wear the best bra for them. 

This article focuses on measuring your breast size, whether it is smaller or larger, size comparison, choosing comfortable undergarments, different measuring techniques, and many more. 

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The Size of B Cup Breasts

Note: a number and a letter determine the size of your breasts. 

  • The Number – indicates the measurement of your ribcage
  • The Letter – indicates the size of your breasts

All the undergarments brands label their bras from AA to F. AA is for the smallest sized breasts and the F for the largest sized breasts.

B cup breasts are not that small. A-sized breasts are larger than AA-sized breasts, and the b cup breasts are larger than the A cup breasts. 

So, the b cup is slightly smaller than the medium-sized (c cup) breasts. 

However, some lingerie selling brands change the basic sequence and start from L. In addition, they mention the number and cup size separately for better understanding. 

Carefully look at the bra size chart followed by the undergarments brands;

Bra size measurements
Bra size measurements

After reading this chart, now surely you understand the numbering of the breast. 

Now we’ll discuss the letters. 

The difference between the measurement of your ribcage and the bust measurement of your breasts determines the letter. 

(The bust measurement of breasts – the measurement of the ribcage) = letters

  • 0.5-inch difference: AA cup
  • 1-inch difference: A cup
  • 2-inch difference: B cup
  • 3-inch difference: C cup
  • 4-inch difference: D cup
  • 5-inch difference: DD cup
  • 6-inch difference: DDD cup or E cup

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How To Measure B Cup Breasts

The measurement of breasts is essential. Some techniques are useful to measure the exact size. 

Most women over the world don’t know how to measure their breasts size properly. So they go to the undergarment shop, and the seller sells them a bra according to his assumption. 

But this is not a good way to buy the best bra. First, one should measure her breasts herself properly and then buy a bra.

Using an appropriately sized bra is necessary for breast health and preventing breasts diseases. 

Measurement of B Cup Breasts

  • Take the measurement of your ribcage under the breasts. Do not forget to use a new measuring tape and do not squeeze the skin much. Gently measure the value and note it. If it’s an odd number, round it up. 
  • Now measure the bust of your breasts. Do not squeeze your breasts and place the tape on the nipple line to get the best measurement. Note it down. 
  • Now minus the ribcage measurement from the bust measurement following the formula (The bust measurement of breasts – the measurement of the ribcage)
  • If the difference is 2 inches, then you have b cup breasts. 


Important notes about measurement

  • Make sure you measure your breast size every time you buy a bra because your breast size can often change. 
  • It’s common to gain some fat or lose some fat from the breast. 
  • Try to use a new measuring tape to measure your breasts. 
  • Perform this whole measurement in front of a mirror to ensure that you are maintaining the right posture. 


What is 32B, 34B, 36B or 38B?

  • In 32B women, her ribcage band size is 32 inches, and her bust measurement –(minus) ribcage measurement is 2 inches. Expressing the ribcage measurement by number(32) and the cup size measurement by letter (B) = 32B.
  • In 34B women, her ribcage band size is 34 inches, and her bust measurement –(minus) ribcage measurement is 2 inches. Expressing the ribcage measurement by number(34) and the cup size measurement by letter (B) = 34B.
  • In 36B women, her ribcage band size is 36 inches, and her bust measurement –(minus) ribcage measurement is 2 inches. Expressing the ribcage measurement by number(36) and the cup size measurement by letter (B) = 36B.
  • In 38B women, her ribcage band size is 38 inches, and her bust measurement –(minus) ribcage measurement is 2 inches. Expressing the ribcage measurement by number(38) and the cup size measurement by letter (B) = 38B.


Is B Cup Breasts Normal? 

In this modern era, women think having larger breasts are more appealing. One shouldn’t think in that way. Any size of breasts is natural.

According to some studies, once the B cup breasts were the average breast size of the women of USA. 

Usually, those who have A-cup breasts try to achieve C cup breasts by augmentation. However, if you have a B cup size, you have 2-inch bust size breasts, which is large enough. 

As the breast size chart starts from AA, it’s easily understandable that the B cup is near perfect. So, the B cups are not too small or not so larger. 

Nowadays, most women in the USA have c cup breasts. This is because c cup breasts are the most desired ones.

If you have b cups, you shouldn’t think to have c cups because if you are thin, then b cups would look more prominent than usual. 

Moreover, due to some fat gain, the b cup breasts can be a little larger such as the measurement difference can be 2.5 inches. So, b cups are not very small. 


How Small or Big are B Cup Breasts?

B cup breasts are smaller than C cup breasts and larger than A cup breasts. However, it depends on your body shape.

If you have a thin body built, then the b cups would look bigger. On the other hand, if you are obese or overweight, the same cup size would look smaller. 

The cup size is determined by the ribcage and bust measurement. So, it would never be the same for every individual. 

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B Cup Breasts vs. A Cup Breasts

B cup breasts are bigger than A cup breasts, but it’s also possible that they look almost the same in some individuals. 

A woman with a tiny body built would have a tiny ribcage measurement. So, for example, if she has b cup-sized breast, it would look bigger while the volume is precisely not that much. 

On the other hand, b cup-sized breast would look smaller in a broad ribcage woman while her breast volume is more than a tiny built woman. 

However, B cup breasts are larger than the A cup breasts. But it cannot be obvious if you assume the size without measurement. 


B Cup Breasts vs. C Cup Breasts

C cup breasts are the most common breasts size in the USA and Europe. It’s the most desired breast size also, and they are 1 inch larger than the b cup-sized breasts.

However, if the b cup-sized woman is thinly built and the c cup-sized woman is obese, the difference won’t be that visible. 


The Weight of B Cup Breasts

Experts follow many methods to measure the weight of the breasts. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to measure the exact weight of the breasts at home, but you can measure the approximate weight of your breasts. 

Steps of measuring the weight of B Cup Breasts at home

  • Take a large bowl, a large kitchen tray, and a weight machine.
  • Measure the weight of the tray and note it down
  • Now fill the bowl with water to the brim and place the bowl on the tray.
  • Now carefully submerge one of your breasts (without a bra or any clothing items) in the bowl. Do not rush and submerge completely.
  • As the breast take place, the same volume of water spill out into the tray
  • Now move the bowl away and measure the weight of the tray with the spilled water.
  • Calculation (tray weight with spilled water –(minus) tray weight)
  • It is the weight of your one breast.
  • Do this procedure with another breast and sum up the values. 


Note: as the volume of water and the volume of the breast isn’t the same, this is not the exact weight of your breasts. However, this is an approximate value that you can measure at home. 

While you are visiting a doctor for breast augmentation or other breast procedures, the doctor will measure the weight of your breasts. Then you can know the exact weight of your breasts. 

Some women do not want to undergo such water procedures and want to know the rough weight of their b cup breasts. 

Here’s a chart for them; 

Bra Size

Breast Weight

32A, 30B, 28C

0.5 lb

34A, 32B, 30C, 28D

0.6 lb

36A, 34B, 32C, 30D, 28E

0.7 lb

38A, 36B, 34C, 32D, 30E, 28F

0.9 lb

40A, 38B, 36C, 34D, 32E, 30F, 28G

1.21 lb

42A, 40B, 38C, 36D, 34E, 32F, 30G, 28H

1.5 lb

44A, 42B, 40C, 38D, 36E, 34F, 32G, 30H, 28I

1.7 1b

44B, 42C, 40D, 38E, 36F, 34G, 32H, 301, 28J

2.0 lb


B Cup Breast Augmentation

The decision of breast augmentation is not easy. It would help if you didn’t rush while deciding on a breast augmentation. There can be some complications and facts.

Please read this section carefully know all of it. 

The recommends choosing the highest two cups bigger than the current one. For example, if you have b cup-sized breasts, you should select between c and d cups. Unfortunately, you cannot choose direct F. 

Choosing a very large size for beast augmentation can bring up some complications such as back pain, chest pain, breathing difficulty, etc. 

Make sure you know the consequences of breast augmentation. Do not decide by watching anyone else. You have to consult with your doctor about your body and health conditions and discuss the possible outcomes. 

If you are overweight, the doctor may advise you to lose some weight before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. 

The doctor would recommend the best option for you. However, you should reconsider that and discuss it elaborately. 


B Cup Breasts Example

b cup breasts example- young sports girl
b cup breasts example- young sports girl

b cup breasts example- young model
b cup breasts example- young model

b cup breasts example- thin built fit adult woman
b cup breasts example- thin built fit adult woman

b cup breasts example- medium built woman
b cup breasts example- medium built woman


Healthy Bras For B Cup Breasts

Measuring the correct breast size and wearing a comfortable right-sized bra can prevent many breast complications and other health conditions like back pain and breast cancer. 

There are some criteria for ideal bras for a woman. You should make sure that your bra matches those criteria. 

Criteria of healthy bra for B Cup Breasts 

  • The bra should be b cup-sized
  • Smooth, non-padded, and comfortable
  • Ideal band size according to the chart we mentioned earlier
  • The hook should not be felt
  • The bra should not be too tight or too loose
  • Two fingers should easily pass beneath the hook after the bra is weared
  • The bra should not heat the covered area.


B Cup Breasts Summary

If your bust breast measurement differs 2 inches from the ribcage measurement, you have b cup breasts. 

B cups are not that small. You should not undergo breast augmentation just because you want large-sized breasts. It would help if you learned about the complications and risks. 

Most of the women do not wear the right-sized bras. Therefore, you should check the criteria of an ideal bra while buying a new one. 

Never believe the celebrity breast sizes that you found over the internet. Unfortunately, no celebrities speak out about their breast size. 

Stay healthy and be fit. 


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