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Abrosexual Meaning

Abrosexuality is described as having varying levels of sexual or romantic attraction throughout one’s life.

Abrosexuals can experience changes in their sexual orientation over time.

For example, an abrosexual individual can be sexually attracted to men one moment and then not sexually attracted to anyone the next. Someone who is abrosexual can experience varying levels of attraction.

The Greek term abro means “delicate” or “graceful,” and it represents the movement and evolving nature of abrosexual people.

Abrosexual is one of the words used to describe various sexualities. It comes under the umbrella term of multisexuality, which encompasses people of all identities who are romantically or sexually attracted to more than one gender.

Abrosexuals have the freedom to choose various romantic and sexual partners or no partners at all. If you are abrosexual, you can want to say close friends and family, someone you are interested in, or no one at all.

Abrosexual lesbian couple
Abrosexual lesbian couple

What does “Abro” stand for?

Abro is a Greek word that means delicate or graceful. Abrosexual means the fluidity or change of sexual orientation of a person.  

An abrosexual person doesn’t need to remain abrosexual for the rest of their life. They may change their preference anytime.

Synonyms of Abrosexual

An individual with a fluid or shifting sexual orientation is often referred to as abrosexual or abroromantic.

The words “abroromantic” and “abrosexual” share the same Greek origin, implying fluidity of attraction, but they differ in that one applies to romantic attraction and the other to sexual attraction.

An individual who is abroromantic may desire a romantic relationship but not necessarily sex. An individual who is abrosexual may desire sex but does not necessarily desire a romantic relationship. However, the two words are often used interchangeably.


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What is Abrosexual Genderfluid?

Abrosexuality is characterized by sexual preference fluidity. An abrosexual person may have feelings toward the opposite gender for some time, then he may develop attraction toward the same gender or no attraction at all.

This sexual preference fluidity is known as abrosexual fluidity.

Abrosexual fluidity and gender fluidity are not the same.

Gender fluidity means a person often feels and expresses themself like a woman and sometimes he/she may express herself as a man.

Abrosexual Psychology

Abrosexuality is considered a disease for a long time. But actually, it’s just the psychological state of the person.

One may not feel any urge toward the same or opposite gender. It does not indicate any disease.

The abrosexual person just has the normal psychological state as others.

Some may be wondering, is it a new term? Is it a new state?

No, there are some books about ancient Rome and other countries and their sexual orientations. Evidence of abrosexuality is found there.

However, old people do not express their feelings as people express nowadays. That’s why the prevalence is more now.

Abrosexual vs Pansexual

Pansexuality refers to the sexual and romantic attraction to individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Asexuality is described as a lack of sexual attraction to others.

Because of its evolving existence, abrosexuality differs from pansexuality. An individual who is abrosexual may be pansexual at times, but they may also be heterosexual or asexual. Their sexual orientation is changing. Pansexuals are attracted to individuals of all genders and sexual orientations.

Abrosexual vs Asexual

Asexuality is unchanging, while abrosexuality is fluid. Asexual people do not experience sexual desire at any moment. An individual who is abrosexual may experience asexuality occasionally.

Living with Abrosexual

Living with an abrosexual is not easy. The physical relation becomes a matter of question in this case.

The abrosexual person often feels deprived because of his/her sexual choice. They feel that they do not deserve to be loved. They should care.

An abrosexual person needs our support. They should not be abused.

Effect of Abrosexuality on Relation

People who are abrosexual may find themselves in relationships with people of different gender identities and sexual orientations because of their fluid sexual orientation.

If you are abrosexual, it is a good idea to communicate your boundaries with any potential partners, particularly if you experience a shift in sexual orientation.

Abrosexual Heterosexual
Abrosexual Heterosexual

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Identification of Abrosexuality

Every individual’s definition of abrosexuality is unique. There is no overarching hint, personality trait, or physical aesthetic that indicates a person’s sexuality, and this is true for abrosexuality just as much as it is for any other sexual orientation or gender.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, but Winnick states that abrosexual people typically switch between two or three sexualities. This could manifest as identifying as straight one day, gay the next three weeks, and pansexual the next. They will most likely alternate between three sexualities on a daily or random basis.

Before drawing any judgments, it’s best to wait for others to come out to you, if they feel comfortable doing so. It’s none of your concern if anyone doesn’t bring it up to you in the first place.

Abrosexual-homosexual-lesbian-young age
Abrosexual-homosexual-lesbian-young age

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Abrosexual Test

There are no diagnostic tests for abrosexuality. The diagnosis of abrosexuality is clinical.

The doctor takes the history and performs some physical examinations to evaluate the status of the person.

However, abrosexuality is not a disease or condition. If a person is not willing to consult a doctor, it’s okay.

Abrosexuality isn’t a Disease

There are many ways to proudly show your abrosexuality. This sexual orientation has its flag, which consists of five distinct stripes with a color gradient ranging from dark green to light green to white to light violet to dark pink.

Some of the most common hashtags on social media are #abrosexual, #abrosexualstruggles, #abrosexualpride, and #abrosexualidadexisted on TikTok

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How To Cope With A Child Being Abrosexual?

Abrosexuality is usually noticed in the adolescence period.

If you notice anything unusual in your child, you should not confront them. You should openly talk with them, understand them and give them support.

If you are confused about their situation then talk to a psychiatrist. You can also take your child to the doctor, but make sure they know that they are not sick.


What Percentage of People Are Abrosexual?

There is not enough data about the Abrosexual population. According to a psychological study, about 3-4% of people are abrosexual.

However, not all of them are comfortable enough to express their abrosexuality.  


Abrosexual Flag

The flag of abrosexual is quite similar to other LGBTQ flags. It’s colorful and contain horizontal stripes of color. 

Abrosexual Flag
Abrosexual Flag

Abrosexual Flag Meaning

Abrosexual proud flag is found in 2015. It indicates the sexual fluidity of a person.

Abrosexual communities

Some famous abrosexual communities may include;

  • Social media communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • LGBTQ sites and forum
  • Some physical areas in New York and other big cities
  • Abrosexual Medias


An abrosexual person has a fluid sexual orientation, which means that their sexual orientations change over time. While it is common for people to undergo changes in their sexuality during their lives, an abrosexual’s sexuality is more fluid in contrast.

These fluctuations can be unpredictable or more frequent, and they can also include switching between a variety of sexualities.

For example, an abrosexual person may feel homosexual at first, but then fluctuate between asexuality and demisexuality as time passes. It’s important to note that this isn’t because the individual is “decided” or “experimenting” with their sexual identity, but rather because their sexuality evolves over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is abrosexuality a disease?

abrosexuality is not a disease. It’s a normal sexual orientation or preference.

Do an abrosexual should consult a psychiatrist?

As abrosexuality is not a disease, it’s not very necessary to consult a psychiatrist. But the doctor may help you to understand yourself and take your decision.

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